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embrace the light for it guides thee from darkness
embrace the courage that bravely conquerd fear
embrace the life for it was loved.

thy heart kept by thy soul,
thus the damned keep remain unfouled.

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saya mencintai anak-anak saya.
dan saya mencintai keluarga yang saya miliki.

i may not be the best on being a mom nor wife. but i will put all efforts to take good care of em. ALL EFFORTS!

Tuhan mungkin Maha segala.
mereka bilang Tuhan tidak pernah tidur. tapi saat ini saya yakin Tuhan sedang mengantuk, karena membiarkan saya mendera diri saya sendiri dengan menjadi seseorang yg saya benci.

semua yang mungkin terlihat normal, tidak selalu seperti kata NORMAL…

. i need a new brain .


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what is it that you need
life is about choices. 

you dont need to stay with me only just because u want to proof things. it’s not that what i want. you’re torturing me, yourself and the kiddos.

if you’re that happy with her… and dont want to loose her, just go for her.

all i want is living a life with secure feelings to do things, to feel things, to ease the pains.

that’s all. simply counts the beautiful days and decide. u’re happier when u’re with her, it’s that obvious. 

what is it that you want to proof? that u’re a man? a man never hurts a woman he loves. but we’re hurting each other. why?

i thought it’ll be better after what we’ve been through some weeks ago. but it isnt. it’s getting worse. we’re stabbing ourselves from the back.

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tak ada sakit yang lebih sakit saat merindu tanpa dirindu.
tak ada perih yang lebih perih saat menangis dalam diam.

ya, aku rindu.