mumbo jumbo world…

i guess it’s not the right time to talk or curhat thing…
but i’m curious if any of my friends are talking bout me.. sometimes i just had this feeling that someone’s talking bout me, whether it’s a good thing or else the bad things i did…

coz these few days i sneeze alot and there’s nothing wrong with my big nose… (some says it’s big!) 😀 it’s not about i catch cold or sumthin…. but i keep on sneezing … darn! it’s disgusting!

anyway… i’m trying to track someone, an old pal of mine… i cant find him for about 3 months since my last SMS on July… and now, it’s September. i talk to some of friends, his and mine. but no one knows where the hell is he.

it’s not that i want him to take responsibility of something, but i’m just curious! curiousity can be so stupid! coz everybody thinks that i miss him … well,… actually, i do! but i deny everyone’s thought by saying…. “naaahhh!!! i just wondering, if he’s alive or he’s dead somewhere!”

ha ha ha ha… stressed out? maybe… but this time… ones i really miss are my kiddos… 😦

catch to write later!


~ by vla on September 21, 2006.

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