coffee, smokes and me

Here i am again, starting my Friday morning with a cup of black coffee, my cigs, my pc and my weblog.

This routine activity gets me the spirit to start my day! And today i’m on top of it! With this flu runnin around, f*ckin deadline and reports to catch, music from the local FM radio, and the best of all… TODAY IS PAYDAY!!! Yeah… it’s PAYDAY!

Well, anyway… along with that triple dope (my coffee, smokes, and music) i opened my email and a friend’s blog (i’m not going to link the page, though). While waiting for my inbox load the mails, I read a shocking statement from my friend on his last post. He’s on a divorce process.

No wonder lately he seems to avoid any conversation about home and life. I know it’s none of my gdmn bussiness. I hate being around my friends without being such a help to them. Hey, everybody knows that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

I guess that’s the reason he look a lil bit different lately. He’s busy with his work and i’m taking my times working on the reports. Usually we had this crazy conversation at our spare time, talking about things and throwing some stupid jokes to each other. On his blog, he said that he’ll be off for some times (his post title was: Im Out of My Digitals Life for Unspecified Period). For me, that means i’m goin to loose a noxious friend (stupid phrase to describe him, i know!) in a non predictable time.

Hmm… i’ll be around and will miss those conversation i had with him. I was thinking, if this is his melodious way to say good bye, i hate it. Although i hate good byes, it’s better then ever when someone tell me straightly on my face that he/she had to go, and hey… GOOD BYE! For good! No stupid negative thoughts sticks on my head.

Ough… my coffee is getting cold, and i have to lit up my cig. And i turned my radio off to listen to this Cardigans (read:The Cardigans) song on my pc, For It’s Worth. Hope he read it and say his good bye.

For what it’s worth I like you
and what is worse I really do
things have been worse
and we had fun fun fun 

I’d better get some more coffee and smokes more cigs to continue my day. *sigh*


~ by vla on July 25, 2008.

One Response to “coffee, smokes and me”

  1. nggak ngerti artinya 🙂

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