~kanvas digital


Mengunduh nyeri dari langit kelabu
Menyunting sakit dari lembar hati
Memotong bahagia di menu harian
Menghapus lenguh di sudut ranjang
Siang malam pagi siang malam pagi
Sontak, titik perspektif kabur.

Take away my pain
Leave the cold outside
Please don’t let it rain
Don’t stumble on my pride
Take away my pain
I’m not frightened any more
Just stay with me tonight
I’m tired of this fight
Soon I’ll be knocking at your door

Dream Theatre- Take Away My Pain (Falling to Infinity Album)




~ by vla on December 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “~kanvas digital”

  1. she said.. what else can you do babe..

    • …..i guess i won’t be coming home again… they just took away all my promises… make them take away my pain

      ehehhehe… ai si abah geuning mampir kadieu..

  2. ieu lagu DT paporit kadua, setelah home tentunyah..

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